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Lights off on Retrofit Rebate
LED Lighting, Retrofit Rebate / lights off on retrofit rebate

The Ontario government has been incentivizing businesses to improve their energy consumption by encouraging the upgrading and installation of energy-efficient LED lighting through the SaveONenergy program. The SaveONenergy program offers rebate programs to small businesses, commercial, multi-residential and industrial enterprises.

Considering improving your bottom line and saving energy?

In a 2015 survey of over 500 Canadian businesses, 32% said lack of capital or financing was a top barrier to investing in energy efficiency1 SaveONenergyRebates are your opportunity to take advantage of additional funding dedicated to saving energy resources. Pre-approvals for the retrofit programs are still available but not for much longer. The Ontario LED Rebate Program ends in December of 2020. Get your pre-approval now!

Does your workplace qualify under the Small Business Program?

A small business is eligible if it has 50 or fewer employees on-site at any point in time. With offices downsizing the number of employees working on-site, you may have an opportunity to increase savings on operating expenses with a lighting retrofit under this program.

Why worry about lighting?

Installing high-efficiency LED lighting offers more than reduced energy costs. Since it produces less heat, you can improve your office environment by having more control over the temperature. For display purposes, LED lighting can also be used to improve the visibility of merchandise. 

Multi-residential, commercial and industrial organizations may be eligible for over $30,000 in rebates with long-term savings compounded by reduced energy costs translating into shorter payback periods. With the current climate, finding every cost savings available is top of mind.

32% said the CEO/Owner was responsible for energy management*

Most businesses don’t have Energy Managers, yet. The SimplyLED team is standing by to help you through the whole process. From audit to applications to installation. Retrofit projects are managed from start to finish. With our experience, we will help ensure you are capturing all the savings available to you.

Every business is unique, book a FREE AUDIT today to find out what rebates you qualify for and get your application pre-approved before the current framework for the lighting rebate ends December 2020.

* https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-ontario-extends-hydro-rate-relief-increases-fixed-price/